TCP/IP and LAN Technologies
Starts - 24th July 2017
in Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Open / Public TCP/IP and LAN Technologies training course
Please find below further information about the open TCP/IP and LAN Technologies course which is scheduled to take place in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, starting on the 24th July 2017. Scroll down for directions and to view a map of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne venue, which is situated in the greater Newcastle area.

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Course Dates
24th July 2017 - 24th - 25th July 2017
12 delegate places remaining.
You may book or enquire about any number of persons up to this amount.
£ 760 per person + VAT

  • Course Description

    This course has been designed to provide delegates with a basic theoretical knowledge of Internetworking and focuses on the use of the TCP/IP protocol suite. Included in the course is a breakdown of the Internet Protocol version 4 address structure and how a network is logically subdivided through the use of subnetting. There are a number of practical demonstrations during the course to backup the theoretical learning.This course can form part of the prerequisites for further advanced data networking and Internet Protocol courses.Learning ObjectivesAt the end of this class, participants will be able to: Understand the basic history of the Internet.Understand the terms WAN, LAN, MAN, Internet and Intranet.Determine the functions of the Open Systems Interconnect 7 Layer Model.Determine the functions of the Internet Protocol 4 Layer Model. Differentiate between different standard Network Topologies.Understand the basic functions of a Hub, Switch and Router.Comprehend the difference between Distance Vector and Link State Routing Protocols.Determine the function of TCP/IP Protocols and at what layer of the Protocol stack they operate.Determine the Class of a given IP address.Perform subnetting of a given network address with the purpose of building an Internetwork. Who Should AttendNetwork technicians, Technical Managers and Support Staff who need an overview of networking technologies relating to the TCP/IP protocol suite.

  • Joining Instructions

    No prerequisites

  • Who is the course aimed at?

    Anyone involved in data networks, including techicians, managers and support staff that require a solid understanding of TCP/IP networking.

  • Course agenda?

    Introduction to TCP/IPWhere it all beganArpanetRFCsInternet Architecture BoardInternet Development (1960s and 70s)Internet Development (1980s)Internet Development (1990s)Internet Development (2000s)OSI and TCP/IP ModelsHeaders and LayersLocal Area Networks and StandardsWhy build Local Area Networks?What do we need to communicate?Factors to consider?Peer to Peer NetworkingClient Server NetworkingWhat is EthernetEthernet StandardsEthernet Physical AttributesEthernet FramingEthernet HubsLayer 2 DevicesBridgesLocal and Remote BridgesEncapsulating BridgeFlow Control in a BridgeAddress LearningSwitched NetworksFull and Half Duplex OperationBasic Switch FunctionsSwitching ModesoStore and ForwardoCut ThroughoFragment FreeAddress Learning and FilteringBroadcast and Multicast FloodingRedundancyBroadcast StormsDuplicate Non-Broadcast FramesDatabase InstabilitySpanning Tree ProtocolVirtual Local Area NetworksTraditional Routed NetworksSwitched NetworksUnderstanding VLANsVLAN MembershipVLAN TagsIEEE 802.1qVTPLayer 3 DevicesRoutersoThe Routing ProcessoLocal vs Remote RoutingoDynamic vs Static RoutingoStatic RoutesoDefault RoutesRouting ProtocolsDistance Vector vs Link State Routing ProtocolsInterior Gateway Routing ProtocolsRIPOSPFLayer 3 ProtocolsICMPARPIPv4NATDHCPInternet Protocol Version 6IPv6 HeaderIPv6 Address StructureLayer 4 ProtocolsTCP Transmission Control ProtocoloPort NumbersoSocketsTCP HeaderWindowingTCP 3 Way HandshakeUDP User Datagram ProtocolUDP HeaderApplications and ServicesTelnetFTP File Transfer ProtocolThe FTP ModelTFTP Trivial File Transfer ProtocolDNS Domain Name ServiceSNMP Simple Network Management ProtocolSNMP OperationSMTP Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolPOP Post Office ProtocolIMAP Internet Mail Application ProtocolMIME Multimedia Internet Mail ExtensionsIP Addressing and SubnettingIP Address ClassesBinary FundamentalsThe Logical AND FunctionSubnetting

  • Qualification or certification that successful delegates receive?

    Delegates will receive an attendance certificate.

  • Is there an exam?

    No exam with this course.

  • Typical start and finish time each day?

    9am to 4:30pm

This TCP/IP and LAN Technologies course is suitable for delegates in the following surrounding towns - Newcastle-upon-Tyne | Blaydon | Bedlington | Cramlington | Blyth | Whitley Bay | Wallsend | North Shields | Hebburn | Jarrow | South Shields | Boldon Colliery | Anglia Boldon | Washington | Rowlands Gill | Ryton | Wylam | Prudhoe | Stocksfield | Riding Mill | Corbridge | Hexham | Haltwhistle | Woolsington | Newburn | Morpeth | Choppington | Ashington | Newbiggin | Alnwick | Chathill | Seahouses | Bamburgh | Belford | Wooler | Gateshead | Killingworth | Benton | Clifton Hepscott | Rothbury | Non-geographic |

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