TCP/IP - A Practical Foundation
Starts - 26th June 2017
in Westminster
Open / Public TCP/IP - A Practical Foundation training course
Please find below further information about the open TCP/IP - A Practical Foundation course which is scheduled to take place in Westminster, starting on the 26th June 2017. Scroll down for directions and to view a map of the Westminster venue, which is situated in the greater London, West area.

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Course Dates
26th June 2017 - 26th - 29th June 2017
8 delegate places remaining.
You may book or enquire about any number of persons up to this amount.
£ 1450 per person + VAT

  • Course Description

    This Hands On TCP/IP training course introduces the basic fundamentals of the Internet Protocols suite and utilises a number of hands-on exercises to allow delegates to develop practical skills. Delegates will be introduced to the function and workings of core TCP/IP suite protocols and will also build a functioning classroom network with hubs, switches routers and server applications. The Internet Protocol Suite, commonly known as TCP/IP, forms the basis for the Internet and the next generation of telecommunications services. Not only is it being used for pure data services such as Electronic Mail and Web-Based services but it is now also used as the core for mobile phone networks and Next Generation Services. It is now important for engineers and technicians to understand how the core protocols function and interact with each other in order to configure and troubleshoot modern computer networks.

  • Joining Instructions

    No formal technical qualifications or experience required prior at attending this course.

  • Who is the course aimed at?

    Anyone requiring a practical introduction to data networks using TCP/IP.

  • Course agenda?

    Introduction to TCP/IP NetworkingWhat is TCP/IP TCP/IP and the Internet Request for Comments TCP/IP Protocol Suite TCP/IP A Layered Model TCP/IP layering and encapsulationNetwork Components and Devices Protocol AnalysisThe Internet Protocol (IP)What is an Internetwork What do we Need to Build a Network IP addressing and address classes IP Protocol Header Address Mapping and ResolutionAddress Resolution Protocol Automatic Addresses Allocation with BOOTP and DHCPBuilding an IntranetProviding and Implementing an IP Addressing Scheme Lets put our IP Network together Global IP Addresses The use of Private IP Addresses IPv6 How is IP Implemented on different Physical Networks IP on non-Ethernet LANs: SNAP and LLC Using IP on WANs IP used on Frame Relay AND ATM Internetworking with IP RoutersWhat is a Routed Network? What is the Primary Function of a Router Interior Gateway Routing Protocols RIP and OSPFExterior Gateway Routing Protocols - BGPWorking with Routers and Troubleshooting Issues Intranets and the Internet Dividing our Network into Logical Sub Networks Management of IP with ICMP Supernetting Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) Network Address Translation (NAT) The Transport LayerTCP/IP Transport Layer Protocols: TCP and UDP What is the Function of the Transport Layer The role of the transport protocol Connection-Orientated vs Connectionless protocols Transmission Control Protocol in Detail Reliable Data Communications with TCP Port Numbers and Sockets TCP packet structure and troubleshooting TCP performance issues User Datagram Protocol in Detail Connectionless protocol operation Providing reliability at the Application Layer Applications and Management ProtocolsApplicationsTCP/IP Applications What do we mean by the Client/Server Model?What do we mean by the Peer-to-peer Model?File transfer protocols - FTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol - TFTP Remote Configuration and Management with Telnet The Domain Name Service (DNS) SMTP, the basis of Internet mail Utilising workstation mail: POP3, IMAP4 The basics of Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP SIP Session Initiation ProtocolTCP/IP for Windows XP, Windows 7 and UNIX Exploring Internet Services Permanent direct connection Dial Services with PPP, PPPoE and PPPoA What is a VPN? Internet Service tools Retrieving files using Anonymous FTP Using World Wide Web (WWW) toolsManaging TCP/IP NetworksWhat is SNMP? Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) The management database: MIB SNMP evolution: MIB I and II, RMON, SNMPv2, SNMPv3Community StringsHands-on Exercises (over duration of course)Analyze TCP/IP Protocols using a Network Protocol Analyzer Set up FTP ServicesUse Telnet Services Undertake detailed analysis of IP, TCP, FTP, Telnet and other applications Configure a PC to use TCP/IP Set up a Routed Network with the Correct IP Addressing Scheme Configure basic routing services on a RouterMake and analyze Voice over IP Calls Troubleshooting basic network routing problems

  • Qualification or certification that successful delegates receive?

    A course attendance certificate is provided.

  • Is there an exam?

    No exam

  • Typical start and finish time each day?

    9am to 4:30pm

This TCP/IP - A Practical Foundation course is suitable for delegates in the following surrounding towns - Chelsea | Clapham | Earls Court | Fulham | South Kensington | South Lambeth | Stockwell | North Kensington | Notting Hill | Shepherds Bush | West Ealing | West Kensington | Acton | Chiswick | Ealing | Hammersmith | Hanwell | Kensington | Maida Vale | Westminster | Paddington | Camden Town |

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£ 1450 per person + VAT
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26th June 2017
13th November 2017

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